4 Ways to Raise Awareness for Your Cause

There are so many worthy causes to support. If you scroll through your 社交媒体 feed or turn on the television during a commercial break then you’ll probably see many organizations trying to raise money or awareness. 如何让你的简历脱颖而出?

We work with numerous clients to enhance their 传播策略 to best tell their story of impact (see our 客户在这里工作). Not only do you need to showcase your incredible stories of impact publicly, but also consider 时机One project that our team managed was the Indiana Heart Gallery for the Indiana Department of Child Services. The Heart Gallery is a traveling photo exhibit featuring children in foster care who are available for adoption. (你可以在 这篇博客文章).

The goal of the Heart Gallery was to help match children in foster care with their forever families, but we also worked hard to promote foster adoption. 是的, this is an important message year-round, but we really worked to generate buzz when there was already a conversation around some of these messages. 例如, November is National Adoption Month – a perfect time to ramp up our 传播策略. While this cause may be different from your organization’s, the methods we used to raise awareness can still be applied!

1. 主持新闻发布会

得到 之前 of the message by hosting a 新闻发布会上 to communicate your efforts. For the Heart Gallery, we kicked off National Adoption Month with an early 新闻发布会上. IMG_3487We were able to use this platform to set the stage for a month long campaign. We invited partners with similar goals to join us and highlighted their efforts as well. We also brought in influential speakers, like the Indiana Department of Child Services Director and a Supreme Court judge, to add credibility to our presentation and attract attention. This 新闻发布会上 allowed us to educate the public on National Adoption Month as a whole, communicate the goal of the Indiana Heart Gallery, 推广即将到来的活动.

2. 把一个事件

Occasionally, you have to do things differently. Offer your supporters (or potential supporters) a fun night out or a unique opportunity to get involved.

While the Indiana Heart Gallery traveled to different venues every month, 它通常是一个独立的展览. This structure worked great for achieving our month-to-month goals, but occasionally we needed to mix things up and offer a different way to engage the public in our project.

IMG_2582We did this by hosting Family Fun Events. 在这些事件, we have adoption staff on-hand to answer specific questions about the foster to adopt process and usually have fun freebies to entice families to come!

例如, we hosted a Family Night at both the Memorial HealthWorks! Kids Museum in South Bend and the Children’s Museum of Evansville. 我们封锁了博物馆的入口, 点心, 奖, 照相亭, and then featured the Indiana Heart Gallery. We shared personal stories of adoption and connected families to local resources. The goal was to engage people who didn’t know much about foster adoption and provide an informal setting for them to learn more.

3. 加强社交媒体

屏幕截图2017-12-05 11:00.47.46 AMEven if you’re already very active on 社交媒体, don’t be afraid to try 新 things. Especially during your awareness building campaigns (check out some 这里有一些简单的社交媒体技巧). Facebook的广告 are a great, low-cost option to enhance your campaigns and reach a 新 audience. 为我们的心脏画廊活动, we utilized minimal dollars to set specific targets and reached nearly 2,000 people across the state to share our message.

We also did a strategic email blast to supporters and partners alerting them of events happening in their area and sharing information about National Adoption Month. Think differently about leveraging the communication tools you have available to promote your cause.

4. 发送引人注目的新闻稿

We shared tips for writing 新闻稿s in 这个博客. Press releases are a great way to communicate your cause. 印第安纳心脏画廊, we often used 新闻稿s to highlight events, but they can also be used to share information or statistics about your cause. Send them strategically during your campaign and remember to 总是 follow up with calls, emails, or additional information!

Our TCG team worked hard to pull together all the above (and more!) to make November a success for our client and ultimately the children waiting for a family to call their own. If you’re specifically working to enhance your 传播策略, then check out our 营销101博客系列. Want to learn more about how we can partner on your next big project or campaign? 澳门星际电子游戏 今天!